Responsible & Ethical Production

We have handpicked 3 companies to work with when sourcing our fabrics and creating our clothes. These companies are located in NZ and Vietnam, and our garments are made in China, New Zealand, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

We have chosen to work with these companies because of their high ethical standards, care to staff, safe and humane working conditions, quality standards, pay compared to industry standard, sourcing of fabrics and their Child Labor Free Policies.

For our custom printed fabric for the kimonos which are made here in NZ, we use wide format sublimation printers which print onto a paper which is heat pressed to transfer the graphics to the fabric. The printing method is far more eco-friendly than others, as the dyes are water based and we don’t use additional chemicals in the preparation or printing of our fabrics. Also there is very little wastage involved in both ink and materials and the paper is recyclable.

We use a combination of digital printing, embroidery and Screen Printing on our apparel.

As the fashion industry is the second high pollutant in the world our focus is to produce no unnecessary environmental harm, we are constantly learning better ways to do things and more environmental friendly ways to produce clothing that will last for years in your capsule wardrobe.

All of our orders are packaged in Better Packaging Co. zip lock bags because they are compostable and reusable. 

All packages are shipped using R3Pack compostable and recyclable bags.

For each of these companies they have different qualities, if you would like detailed information about where and how our Apparel is made, please email our team at

If you have suggestions on how we can better our processes for the future impact on our environment and in ways that will benefit our people and our communities please let us know on the above email.