Big Things Often Have Small Beginnings

Big Things Often Have Small Beginnings

Isn’t it crazy how things happen, and those things lead you onto other things, each time they are a little bit better and a little bit greater.  Even if there is a few road blocks, hurdles or lessons to be had, the outcome has always been what was needed at the time without even knowing it.

This way of thinking and understanding is something new to me. Each step forward leads to a path but what’s on the path is the unknown. This goes for everything in life but in this instance I’m talking about the business journey.

Late 2019 our brand was led onto a path that was full of unexpected change, just as I thought I was ready to level up Badass Apparel there was a road block and a few hurdles in the way which has lead me to having to mix things up.

When Badass started I launched with three t-shirts, two Badass MAMAs and one Badass. They went off! So I jumped on the hype and ran with what I had done and created Badass Apparel. There was no bigger picture, I had literally only been on Instagram 2 months and thought I would do what everyone else was doing, printing designs on t-shirt.

As I started following more fashion designers I wanted to create more, so I dabbled in getting New Zealand made clothing done, some custom printed fabric, experimenting and learning in our homeland because it reduced risk. Using that time while I had it to find my niche and find what sparked my fire and it lead me to finding my passion without know it.

The roadblock and hurdles that hit us in 2019 have lead us to making a change and that change is a rebrand (a name change) everything else is still the same. It hit unexpectedly but this is the right path for us to be on because of the things that we want to do with our brand and the things that we can’t,  like exclusivity in our brand name, a retail brand name and a uniqueness to our brand name, but with the same message.

If there is one thing I have learnt and remember everytime something doesn’t go the way I want it to, I remember to trust the process and love the process. The process is the best part, the lessons, the journey, the creating bigger things.

In everything I have done, I have always felt that I was meant to do more and be more. I always say I accidentally fell into this business but perhaps this was always what I was destined for, creating a  New Zealand streetwear brand for women.