Behind the Brand

badas® is a New Zealand founded company, launched in late 2018 as Badass Apparel and rebranded in Feb 2020 as badas®, to fill a gap in Womens Streetwear.


There's a lot of options for women but badas® wanted to create something a bit cool, a bit punchy and a bit cheeky but comfortable everyday wear for people to embody.


The heart and soul of badas® is for people to wear their clothing and feel BAD AS! It's that daily affirmation, that you are BADAS that can get through anything. It's pride, pride to walk the streets and for people to know who you are and who you represent. It's daring to be original in everything you do and wear.


The clothing you wear is a form of self-expression and creativity, choosing how to dress is the best way to express yourself without having to say a word and that's what badas® is here for.