The Beginning.......

The Beginning.......

You know in those hazy days with a newborn and you’re so sleep deprived and you wake up at the worst times of the night/morning with all these thoughts running through your head? Well that’s how Badass MAMA came to life. But lets start from the beginning….

When I was pregnant with Tiare, I always felt like I couldn’t stay home and be a mum (which is bullshit but that’s how some people made me feel) I had to do something else, something to generate some money while I was on maternity leave. I think it was a mix of me putting pressure on myself but also to avoid the constant “so when is Natia going back to work” comments that were sure to come after Tiare was born and with 3 young children I wasn’t interested in working a 9-5 job, Lyle didn't want me doing that either. So I always had that in the back of my mind but wasn’t sure what I was going to do.

Fast forward to Feb 2018 a month after having Tiare, I wasn’t on Instagram at that stage and was still pretty old school scrolling the ol’ Facebook when I seen a post from Ten Little Toes advertising the sale of their business on their Facebook Page. The page had around 39k followers. I decided to send a Facebook message and just had a feeling about it, that was what I was going to do while being home.

I was sent financial statements from the last 2-3 years and the figures looked really good. All the people interested put in bids and pretty much the highest bidder got it. Turns out I was the highest bidder so I bought the business. I took out a loan to buy it and and borrowed a little extra to put into stock. I asked heaps of questions about who she got the stock from, and shipping so I could get my head around how I was going to do it… as I had no fucken clue!!

Things I needed to do when I bought the business were:

  • Reserve name and register Company on the NZ Companies Office website $150
  • Get a Logo Made $150 ( Beautique Gifts and Graphic Design)
  • Get some business cards and thank you cards made $150 (Beautique Gifts and Graphic Design) I only got a small run done of each card.
  • Basic Website $42 a month (Shopify) and Domain Name (45 annually through Shopify)

These were costs I didn’t anticipate on top of the purchase price. I was so thankful that an old friend from high school could help with the Logo and Business cards (Carol from Beautique Gifts and Graphic Design)

I decided not to import clothes then on sell them, I chose to go down the Made in NZ route. The intention was there but the execution wasn’t quite right.

I started an Instagram account as another avenue to get the business rolling. I followed other NZ businesses and approached those businesses about stocking their goods, I just sent them emails and DMs with information about who I am, what I want my business to represent and the values I have. Once I got wholesale information, I would choose the items I wanted to stock and generally purchased their minimum order quantities.

I was very naïve and didn’t really know what I was up to, so ended up investing money into stock that I liked, not what my potential customers liked! Key thing, know your audience and cater to that.

It was two months later in April that I decided I needed to incorporate something of my own to the business, all the businesses I followed were makers and if people on Instagram were following me they were following the business that I got the goods from. I needed to add an element to the business so that when people shopped for my stuff they would add other bits and pieces to their cart. What was going to make? I had no idea, I’m not a sewer and I’m not very crafty either but I am creative and I am also good at making shit happen even when I don’t know what I am doing. The ultimate Winger if you will….

All I had at this stage was $200 in my bank account.

Then que crying baby who needed a feed, I fed Tiare placed her back into her bassinet. I lay there awake exhausted from having a newborn, two toddlers, a pre-teen and a business that I didn’t know what to do with.

I was struggling so much to manage as a mum ( and still am ) I often thought back to my pre-children days and how Badass I used to be haha and now I’m just a Badass MAMA… BOOM!!!

That’s it, if I’m a Badass MAMA than surely some other people can relate to that, in the morning I told Lyle (Husband) and messaged my sister in law to see if she could design something for me, I was going to put it on some t-shirts. I had a quick scope of the web and there was no Badass MAMA tops around.

A couple of weeks later she had the design done and the mocks – I had no money to pay her, so she would get a cut from the sales of each design she would do. The $200 was spent on samples… The OG Badass MAMA was released in May 2018 on pre-order. I was officially broke and stressed but I knew this was ME, this was what I was suppose to do and Ten Little Toes was the avenue to get here. 

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