I am the creator of my own DESTINY

I am the creator of my own DESTINY

I am the creator of my own destiny!

Ain’t that the truth. Something I learnt recently is that business is such a tricky thing, decisions are hard to make and getting it right doesn’t happen all the time and that’s ok. The whole process is about learning and growing.

I opened Badass Apparel in May 2008 opening with Badass MAMA and I completely got lost in that slogan, like that slogan was what defined my business and if I wasn't the only one with Badass MAMA then I don't have a business, which is 100% wrong and heres why..

I am the creator of my own destiny.

I had a massive wake up call recently which I am extremely grateful for. It made me step back, analyse what and who I am as a brand. Doing that was the best thing that could of ever happened… reflection, because I was able to see what Badass is capable of.

Slogans belong to everyone, everyone can use them so why am I focusing on something that isn’t necessary original and that anyone can use at anytime??

And who is Badass, what do we want to represent and for people to think of when they wear out gear??

Ultimately it came down to this:

Badass is a term that is used universally. It is a term that we recognise in ourselves. So many of us recognise ourselves as being BADASS and that’s exactly what my brand represents. Embracing being and feeling Badass whatever that looks like for you.

What I want my Badass gear to represent is clothing that makes you feel Badass, something unique, something fun and something that makes a Badass statement when you wear it.

And that’s when it hit me, statement clothing is our future. Badass Apparel as a name is a statement in itself and our clothing will be no different.

So heres to trying new things, heres to taking chances and heres to wearing Badass clothes! Because life it too short to wear anything that doesn’t make you look and feel BADASS.

Watch this space xx

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